Contrata Talento

Desde Codenotch hemos creado una comunidad tecnológica internacional, donde ayudamos a empresas líderes a nivel mundial en el desarrollo de IA generativa a encontrar al mejor talento internacional para sus proyectos disruptivos e innovadores.

Talent is an essential resource for business development and we have what your company needs. Our graduates have been carefully selected to train with us for their skills, determination and motivation to work in technology. Always focused on that objective, in our intensive programs they develop adaptability, the ability to learn complex skills, discipline and perseverance, skills that make them perfect candidates for the labor market.

We challenge our students every day to push them to the limit of their abilities. Respecting the individuality and uniqueness of each one of them, we enhance their abilities and put them in difficulties that make them grow. Practical challenges force our students to investigate, assimilate unexplained concepts and even adapt to new technologies and tools. All of this in order to prepare them for the reality of work life, full of problems to solve by thinking strategically.

What is a TOP NOTCH CODER like?

Think like a software engineer

A Top Notch programmer solves problems by thinking 'in and out of the box'.

It has an analytical and global vision of each project, and adapts to its specific needs.

He is a self-taught and autonomous professional

You have the knowledge, tools and attitude typical of a self-employed professional: you are decisive in your tasks thanks to a self-taught aptitude and the resources provided by our training.

Use the most used tools in the industry

Knows the most used and effective tools in the industry, and has the ability to quickly adapt to new trends.

Agile methodologies

He has 3 weeks of experience working as a team with Scrum and Kanban methodology in the final module, developing an end-to-end platform.

Good practices

Know good practices from the beginning and write clean code. You have a solid base of knowledge on which to work optimally.


Be part of a community that exchanges knowledge, is nourished by news and builds the future through effective networking.

"The industry needs initiatives like Codenotch, which provide quality teaching and prepare professionals for real-world business activities."

Rodrigo Aguirre de Cárcer | Former General Director of eBay Spain

Ways to collaborate


An opportunity for branding. During our Bootcamps we organize different technological and networking events, where your company can participate as a sponsor: from merchandising, to media coverage, to the provision of food and drink. Ask about our next event.


Para muchos alumnos la inversión en su educación es un gasto difícil de asumir. Una beca es una buena inversión para tu negocio y una gran ayuda para que puedan centrarse en lo importante: formarse. Contáctanos para conocer cómo funciona y los beneficios para tu empresa.

Talent hiring

If you are looking for Full-Stack programmers, our students will be perfect candidates for your company. After our intensive Bootcamp, you will have all the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to work as Junior Programmers.

Be a mentor

If you want to attend our Bootcamp and share your experience with our students, or simply want to have the opportunity to meet them personally to hire talent adapted to the needs of your company, do not hesitate to contact us.

Are you interested in hiring our Top Notch Coders?

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